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 Post subject: Purnima - Healing (Holy or Discipline) priest
 Post Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 8:20 am 

Joined: Tue Oct 08, 2013 9:03 pm
Posts: 33
Level: 90 Healing/Shadow priest Purnima

Alts include: 90 Hunter Levania,
90 Balance/Restoration Druid Meretrixee,
90 Enhancement/Restoration Shaman Ilatrixee,
and 90 Mistweaver/Windwalker Horde Monk Purnda

Race/Class: Draenei priest

Main specialization: Healing – PVE healing through and through. Originally, I’ve been a holy priest for the greater part of my wow career and this expansion. During the end of Wrath of the Lich king and through the Firelands tier, I have raided full time as Discipline as well. I’m fairly well versed in both aspects of Priest healing. Though I prefer the holy specialization, I am willing to switch and play discipline if it is thought the raid synergy will be better. With the recent hotfix to the Echo of light mastery, Holy seems completely incompatible in a 10 man situation. Currently, I have ilevel 544 gear in my healing set with a two piece T16 bonus and the Legendary Healing Meta gem and cloak.

Off specialization: Shadow – PVE based talents. Purn was always meant to be a healer. I leveled her back as holy in Burning crusade and didn’t really get any experience as shadow until the end of Cataclysm. From Firelands and on, I’ve kept shadow as my offspecc and generally was the healer asked to DPS if the fight required only two. Currently, I have an ilevel 536 set for shadow which does contain the Legendary DPS cloak.

Current professions and levels:

Jewelcrafting – 610 with the vast majority of the PVE cuts. I am missing only a few strength cuts and some of the pvp ones.

Tailoring – 600 with most of the patterns from this expansion. I am missing the new DPS belt and leg patterns.

Cooking – 600, mastered all the “Ways” of cooking, and have the recipes for the noodle carts.

First Aid, Fishing, and Archeology – are also all maxed at 600.

Previous realms:

I have only raided on one Realm – Moonrunner. I do have a couple of low level (Under level 30 and one close to 85) on other servers since I’ve run out of character slots on Monnrunner. Below I list my previous guilds with an estimate of time spent there and a brief explanation of why I left.

Previous guilds:

Fenrir – 2 Months. My first guild in Wow. Crumbled shortly after I reached level cap.

Stronghold – 4 months. Left to raid with friends in Night watch.

Night watch – 4 months. Left due to their raid times being hard to meet and work around with Real life.

Bread and the Circus – 7 months. Guild crumbled when Raid leader quit.

Bladestorm – 9 months. Left when raid spot was replaced over Christmas holiday and not being brought to progression.

Havoc – 7 months. Left when I moved back home from college and would be gone from the game for 4 months.

Equitas – 4 months. Briefly placed Purnima in this guild while I was away for 4 months as a friend rank. I was not a part of their progression group.

Elite unlimited – 5 months. Reformed under the Blodhemn guild tag. The vast majority of the raiders in Blodhemn now are the same group of people were in Elite Unlimited.

Blodhemn – My current guild. Been there since July 2011 when we reformed under a new guild tag. I’m unhappy with the current raid environment and a fresh start will do good.

Who referred:

No one has referred me – You guys have been around for god knows how long (Since before I began playing) and seem to be a stable, good group. I do know Hotak in your guild which made me think of looking for your website when I began looking for a new guild.

Why I want to join:

Simple answer: I want a fresh start. I want to have fun again.

Long answer: This expansion, my guild has seen some rough times but we always could laugh and joke through it. I dunno because maybe we enjoyed being around each other? With our current raiding environment, I feel that’s not the case anymore. Everything feels very negative and it creates an unnecessary stressful environment. I work a very labor intensive job outside in the elements and use WoW as my way to relax and escape at night. We play this game to have fun right? Right now, I’m not having fun with it.
I honestly think a fresh start with a new set of people will do me good. It will be nice to get to make new friends and find my niche in the group.

Armory: ... ima/simple

My armory link is here. My healing set is trans-moged to the heroic Deathwing tier set. I will try to remember to log out in it each night.

Play time:

Generally, I am on most week nights from about 4:00 pm server to 8 pm server. (7 to 11 EST) My current raids are from 5 pm to 8 pm server Tues/Wed/Mon. While your raid times are a little later than mine, I should have no trouble meeting them. My days off from work are Wednesdays and Thursdays. I’m usually on more those days. I sometimes will be on during the weekends but generally, it will be later than normal and for a shorter amount of time (about an hour or so).

End game experience – Historically, I’ve been in a lot of end game content at level including heroic kills of WotLK bosses and most of Cataclysm’s bosses.
This expansion, my guild struggled a little and did not see as much heroic content as before. We had made attempts on Heroic Jinrohk but never successfully downed him.
My current guild raids both flex and normal modes – 1 night flex and 2 nights normal. We are 6/14 normal with our lowest attempt on the Dark shaman being 31%. In flex, we’ve seen up to Malkorok with our lowest attempt being 56% barely reaching phase 2. I’ve watched most of the Fat Boss 10 man videos though to see the content ahead.

Anything else special:

I was an officer in Blodhemn for over 9 months. I handled attendance records and keeping track of loot distribution for our Officer loot system. I was also briefly the healing officer and assisted with keeping the loot records in Bread and the Circus before it disbanded.

Oh and that labor intensive job I mentioned? I’m a zoo keeper in real life – pooper scoopin and all. I’ve got some “great” stories to tell if you ever ask and care to listen.

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